Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar is a heritage institution having a glorious past and for years its alumni have set a bench mark for the students who would draw inspiration from the institution’s mission and life changing experiences its alumni went through. The rich legacy of the institution proves a source of motivation for its learners to encounter global challenges and create solutions for a sustainable future. The institution known for its academic excellence focuses on in-depth learning in specific fields of study, enabling individuals to develop expertise and advanced knowledge in their chosen areas. The curriculum is more specialized encouraging critical thinking and analytical skills. Beyond academic knowledge the institution fosters personal development, character building and a sense of social responsibility so as to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving world.

In its journey, the institution has progressed by way of augmenting the infrastructural facilities and introduction of new courses so as to promote excellence in learning. The institution strives to maintain higher educational standards so as to help the students to develop a more inclusive and open minded world view. 


The G.M.College aims to maintain its reputation of being the proud seat of learning in the field of education by imbibing and promoting the values of humanity, modern outlook, tolerance, scientific temperament with the focus on developing the persona of its aspirants. The college not only works for academic excellence but also promotes multicultural, sporting and extra-curricular activities among its aspirants. The institution also keeps pace with the emerging technologies so as to produce human resource of academic excellence and social relevance. The college is open to accommodate innovative ideas to influence teaching, research, academic excellence and societal growth.